The Franco-Americans in Textile, Shoe, Lumber, and Fishing Industries of Maine

L'Homme~Riviere - The River Man - Quebec City

Franco~American Women at the looms with Irish Bosses Looking On. c. 1890

Addie With Barefeet. c. 1889 Bate's Mill, Lewiston Maine

Adrianne at Bate's Mill, Lewiston, Maine 

Girl at a Lowell Mass. Textile Mill

Mill Kids Changing Bobbins. By Lewis Hines

Potato Farming Haul at Caribou Maine Via @mainememorynetwork

Building a Logging Raft on the Kennebec River, Augusta, Maine

Logging at the Kennebec Wharf in Hollowell, Maine

Bateau and Men Clearing a Logging Jam

Logging in Maine

Lumber Yard on Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine Via The Lewiston Public Library

Pejepscot Paper Co.~Maine Historical Society c. 1900

Winter of 1942~ Maine Lumber Yard~ Via Life Magazine

Wilner Wood Products in Norway, Maine, 1942 via Life Magazine

Winter of 1942~ Snow Shoe Factory in Norway, Maine via Life Magazine
Paris Farmer's Union in So. Paris, Maine~1942 via Life Magazine

Cutting Ice for Home Delivery via Maine Historical Society

Cutting Ice for Delivery on the Kennebec River in Gardiner, Maine ~ 1942 via Life Magazine

Lobster Fisherman~Maine, Winter of '42~Life Magazine

Lobster Fisherman with Catch~ Maine, Winter of 1942~ Life Magazine

Solving Worlds Problems While Warming Up By the Fire~ Winter of '42 in Maine~ Life Magazine