Family Vintage Photo Gallery

Ouellette Double Wedding in Quebec~ 1902

Honorine H. (Fredette) Ouellette & Margaurite "Rita"  Ouellette

 Georgiana Pare', Eugene J., Theophista Marie & Honorine Hedwidge Fradet ~ 1891

Yvonne Marie Bowers

Clipping from the Lewiston Daily Sun

Fradet (Fredette) & Ouellette Families on Eugene Fradet's boat at Sabattus Lake, Maine ~ 1906

Epoucitienne Marie (Gagne') & Paul Eugene Ouellette

E. Marie (Gagne'), Paul E. & Baby Omer J. Ouellette ~ 1887

Theophista Marie Fradet (Fredette) ~ 1901

Eugene Fradet (Fredette) at Sabattus Lake, Maine ~ 1905

Honorine H. Fradet ~ 1904 ~ Sabattus Lake, Maine

Unidentified ~ Property of Honorine F. Ouellette

Donald Royal Bowers with Carol Ann & Yvonne Marie Bowers ~ Portland, Maine

Carol Ann Bowers ~ at war housing in Portland, Maine

Marguerite "Rita" Ouellette Bowers & Yvonne Marie Bowers

Fradet (Fredette) Family at the Cottage, Sabattus Lake, Maine

Carol Ann Bowers

Honorine H. (Fradet) & Omer J. Ouellette

Omer J. Ouellette

Marguerite "Rita" Ouellette

 Anne ~ Marie Gagne' 
Wedding Dinner of Honorine H. Fradet & Omer J. Ouellette at Sabattus Lake, Maine ~ August 2, 1915

Georgiana Pare' Fradet (Fredette)

Helen May Bowers ~ 1930's

Fradet (Fredette) Family~Christmas at the Lake, Sabattus Lake, Maine ~ 1902 ~ Eugene, Theophista, Honorine, cousin Ann~Marie Gagne' and Georgiana (Pare') Fradet (Fredette)

Baby Omer Joseph Ouellette~1892

Marguarite "Rita" Ouellette ~ Bowers & Yvonne Marie Ouellette ~ Bowers
Young Fredettes & Ouellettes at Martin's Point, "The Cottage" at Sabattus Lake, Maine

Honorine Hedwidge Fredette